Woodturner and artisan, Mark Damron, explains how he uses CA (cyanoacrylate) glue to repair cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots during the turning process. CA glue is marketed under a variety of names including Krazy Glue and Super Glue. But don’t let this common household status convince you this glue isn’t for serious work. It is.

Mark explains how and when he turns to super-fast drying CA glue to solve problems before they become disasters. He uses CA to stabilize knots and loose bark and natural edges on his work. Mark specializes in lathe turning large and difficult pieces with lots of figure, exactly the kind of wood challenge that demands the use of CA. Mark’s technique includes the use of a CA aerosol spray accelerator, which minimizes drying time and down-time. (2 Minute Video)

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Segmented turning projects are comprised of many, many small pieces cut to exacting angles. It’s all about precision, because each degree of error compounds into a much larger problem down the road that often cannot be fixed. The solution is to make sure that each cut is the exact, pre-calculated angle and length. Award winning segmented woodturner, Don Leman, demonstrates his tried and true method for getting perfect results every time. The secret is using the right equipment and technique. You’ll learn how the use of a micrometer and accurate miter gauge is essential to getting repeatable results again and again. Follow these steps and you can’t fail. (4 Minute Video)

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Award winning artisan, Don Leman, shares his thoughts on the specialized art of segmented woodturning. Mr. Leman is a formally trained industrial designer who has also spent years restoring antique clocks and their mechanisms. With “segmenting”, Mr. Leman has found the perfect outlet for his talents and inclinations – a pursuit that requires an extraordinary capacity for the fine details in things. The conception of the final object must be precisely planned before the first piece of wood is cut. This suits Mr. Leman, whose technical knowledge of geometry and angles is complimented by his ability to artfully fuse sweeping curves and tones into the objects he shapes. (5.5 Minute Video)

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