In this video, we join proprietor Todd Felpel as he takes his ritual end-of-day tour through the highly acclaimed, 60-year old, Irion Company cabinet shop. During our tour, Todd hints at how cabinetshops of the past were run and how custom furniture was ordered and created. And it all starts with the patterns.

Irion’s pattern room is reminiscent of many early American cabinet shops that dotted the east coast of the United States 200 years ago. In this room, countless sample-parts dangle from the rafters, each group memorializing a specific antique masterpiece. Irion has relationships with some of America’s most prestigious museums (the Yale, the Metropolitan, and Winterthur) allowing them “back door” access to measure and document some of the most significant examples of Early American decorative arts. Based on these visits, where photographs and copious notes are taken, Todd describes how sample patterns are then carefully made. Each documented piece must include key reference points, i.e. the sweep of a table leg ankle, key carving points, the subtle dimensions of the foot’s ball & claw, and precise molding details. All are carefully defined and then detailed in measured drawings. In the end, the entire collection of drawings, sample patterns, and photos, are stored for future reference — guideposts for the next the generation of cabinetmakers.

This nightly walk is how Todd monitors the hand-crafted work of Irion’s skilled artisans. As we tour with him, Todd reflects on 250 years of furniture making tradition. It’s a calling he clearly relishes as he says, “it’s better than diamonds”. I can’t tell you how much fun I had on this trek. Come join me. (4.5 Minute Woodworking Video)

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The Irion Company specializes in the restoration, conservation, and hand-made reproduction of American antique furniture from the 18th and 19th century. Irion is based in Christiana, Pennsylvania.

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Mark MacMullen

Wow. What a fantastic opportunity to walk and look and also hear someone from such a reputable company that stands for such quality in craftsmanship. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such a memorable moment and thank you for taking us along on these trips. This site is a true blessing to my soul.


Great video. I hope he keeps extra copies offsite, just in case. :)

Marian Ramsay

I would like to know if I could purchase one of your videos – Irion Company Profile. My son, Brad Ramsay is the Cabinetmaker and Carving Specialist and a video was made of him rough carving twists and spirals. We are very proud of him and you did an excellent job! Is it possible to purchase the video?

Keith’s Note: Thanks for writing. Brad is a very talented artisan and it was a pleasure to be able to turn my lens on him working. Regarding the availability of DVDs. A number of other viewers have asked about the possibility of purchasing DVD collections based on the videos offered directly online at WoodTreks. I am looking into the possibility and evaluating the logistics of providing this service. Please stay tuned.

Excellent woodworking video, as always! Keep up the good work :-).

Terry Williams

I have been looking to visit Irions ever since the article in fine woodworking. Been to Christiana and Quarryville, to no avail. Could you help me find their current location.

Keith’s Note: I’m afraid that sadly they may no longer be in business. If you hear otherwise, please let me know.



Jonathan sanbuichi

@Terry Williams, Sadly we shut the doors at Irion in November of 2011. We had a good run….