My Newest Video Series:
Furniture Maker Craig Vandall Stevens

In my latest video series release, I present wood artisan, author, and educator Craig Vandall Stevens. Mr. Stevens is a master cabinetmaker specializing in the creation of highly individualized, “one off”, collectible grade furniture. Much of this work is purposely small in scale, designed to bring focus to the carefully designed and crafted details of each piece. The entire process, from initial sketches to final finish, can take months to complete.

This video series reveals some of the refined ways Craig approaches the use of hand tools; specifically how he uses chisels, saws, and planes. Each carefully considered method is presented in the clearest of terms — testament to Craig’s outstanding ability to communicate. The result, each technique can be learned and practiced by persons of all skills levels. That’s what so exciting about Craig’s approach.

To get started, I encourage you to watch the video profile on this page, which provides some insights and background into Craig’s approach and philosophy. Shooting this piece — and the production of the entire video series — has been a real treat for me. I hope you enjoy the results. (4.5 Minute Video Profile)