Raves: “It’s like being there”

— Mark MacMullen, Viewer

“…an absolutely brilliant concept, backed up by brilliant execution”

— Bill Elphick @ www.funkywood.com

“Top quality”

— Mark Mazzo @ www.thecraftsmanspath.com


— Luke Townsley @ www.unpluggedshop.com

“I like your style!”

— Kari Hultman @ www.villagecarpenter.blogspot.com

“Raves! …an invaluable resource”

— Adam, Viewer from Oakland, CA, USA

“I’m hooked”

— Michael Dinsmore @ www.dinsmoreworkshop.com

“This doesn’t feel like a video blog, but rather a woodworking TV show made available on the web”

— Eric @ www.adventuresinwoodworking.com

“WoodTreks is a blog well worth adding to your RSSfeed! The cinematography is superb and the content solid… These are woodworking videos made by someone with mastery of woodcraft and video. The result is that… (Keith) knows what to see, what to focus on and how to present it”

— Bob Strawn @ www.toolmakingart.com

“Check out Keith Cruickshank’s awesome videos…”

— Marc Spagnuolo @ www.thewoodwhisperer.com (from Wood Talk Online Podcast #43)
— Matt Vanderlist @ www.mattsbasementworkshop.com (from Wood Talk Online Podcast #43)

“Thanks Guys! It sure is nice to know you’re watching.”

— Keith Cruickshank

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