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Video: John Reed Fox: How a Master Artisan Selects Wood

In this video, get an inside look at how this master furniture maker collaborates with fine-hardwood dealers, Rick and Brian Hearne, to search from among Hearne Hardwood’s 1,000,000 board feet of top-grade hardwoods. The goal for Mr. Fox’s 700 mile buying trip: the perfect set of walnut boards. It’s John’s critical first step in crafting the highest-grade heirloom furniture. Learn the practical steps to how you too can select better wood for your next masterpiece. WATCH VIDEONOW

Video: Designing & Building A Custom Workbench

In this video, we meet master cabinetmaker Patrick Edwards who gives us a guided tour of his massive, hand-built bench designed specifically for working with hand tools.  A purpose-built cabinetmakers bench is often the centerpiece of most woodworkers’ shops. And it’s easy to see why, because if you can’t hold the work, you can’t use a hand plane or a chisel or any tool that requires the workpiece to be held stationary. WATCH VIDEONOW

Video: How to Hand Cut Precision Dovetails: The Pins

No matter what your experience level (whether you’ve tried making dovetails by hand in the past or you are interested in learning something new) there are secrets to getting easier and better results. In this complete two part video tutorial, I introduce to you Cabinetmaker Craig Vandall Stevens’s systematic approach. WATCH VIDEONOW