Inlay is the traditional technique of inserting decorative elements into the surfaces of furniture, musical instruments, or other wood-crafted objects. In this video tutorial, Irion Company’s inlay expert Jeff Williams demonstrates one of the most important aspects of the process; making finely detailed strips of inlay bands. You can buy pre-made banding, but making your own has distinct attractions. You can fabricate the exact style, dimensions, and pattern you want, using the woods that compliment your project. But perhaps the best reason is the satisfaction and accomplishment of making your own.

Join me as Jeff shows us how to make an elegant, repeating, geometric-patterned band from simple strips of laminated contrasting-colored woods. It’s a useful technique whether you aspire to reproduce fine antique reproductions, restore or repair existing furniture, or incorporate inlays into contemporary projects. — Keith (9 Minute Woodworking Video)

The Irion Company specializes in the restoration, conservation, and hand-made reproduction of American antique furniture from the 18th and 19th century. Jeff Williams specializes in period correct Federal style furniture with an emphasis on veneering, inlaying, and marquetry.

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