Japanese chisels differ from their western equivalents in several interesting ways. Most notably, Japanese chisels are forged from a laminated fusion of hardened tool steel and a softer, more shock absorbing wrought iron. This melding of metals offers the woodworker some very important practical advantages over western style chisels — and there are other differences too.

In this video introduction to the Japanese chisel, cabinetmaker Craig Vandall Stevens describes the important characteristics of Japanese chisels and why he is a proponent of their use. Craig is an expert in the use of Japanese tools and he instructs on the topic throughtout the United States and Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if after watching this video, you aren’t enticed to shop around for your own set. (4 Minute Woodworking Video)

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It is wonderful getting such a high quality video for free. Thanks for showing me the way to your fine product. I am looking forward to making my way through your current videos and those to come.


How do you know a good quality Japanese chisel? Is there a store that you recommend?

Keith’s Note: I don’t have personal experience with these vendors, but here are three sources: