Award winning artisan, Don Leman, shares his thoughts on the specialized art of segmented woodturning. Mr. Leman is a formally trained industrial designer who has also spent years restoring antique clocks and their mechanisms. With “segmenting”, Mr. Leman has found the perfect outlet for his talents and inclinations – a pursuit that requires an extraordinary capacity for the fine details in things. The conception of the final object must be precisely planned before the first piece of wood is cut. This suits Mr. Leman, whose technical knowledge of geometry and angles is complimented by his ability to artfully fuse sweeping curves and tones into the objects he shapes. (5.5 Minute Video)

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Steve Damaia

This email is to Don Leman. On your video of how to calculate dimensions of segmented pieces you showed a reference chart that you got off the internet. Can you provide a link to where I can get that chart? I can’t seem to find one.




Don has put together a handout which includes the formula for calculating the segment dimensions. It’s a pdf document that you can download from his site at:

Thanks for asking!

Steve Stewart

Don, I am so glad you put this personal commentary online along with your teaching videos. Your work is breath-taking! And your outlook on life is so refreshing. You have been added to my list of people that I admire.

Steve Stewart


Don, Thanks for teaching and the clarity of (Keith’s) videos, they are of great encoragement to those of us who aspire to be as good as you are. Keep up the good work and enjoyment of the gift you have.