This is the final wrap-up segment on my video series on “How To Hand Cut Dovetails” featuring master artisan Craig Vandall Stevens. There are many steps to getting optimum results cutting dovetails, so focusing on just 5 ideas is sure to leave some key point on the table. And that’s where you come in.

Watch the video, think about your own experience, and then share your ideas or questions with the rest of the WoodTreks family of viewers. It’s easy. Comment below. To stay current with the discussion, make sure you check off the option “Notify me of followup comments” located below the comment “submit” button.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video and then give us your “2 Cents”. — Keith (5 Minute Woodworking Video)

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Excellent video, a great finale to my favorite series here so far. Thanks for the tips!

Great video — and I agree with Eric that its a perfect finale to the excellent series. Craig has a nice relaxing way of describing what he’s doing.

The quality of the video is top notch too — and really separates this from a lot of other blogs. I would say its television quality — but the content is almost too good for television!

Keith’s Note: Thanks Michael for your support! Regarding Craig – I’m a fan too. Not only is he an accomplished artisan, but as you’ve noted, he has a great way of mentoring and encouraging too.


These videos are great, I am a pretty much a novice woodoworker, but I have been trying to improve my skills alot lately. These videos are very useful and show great technique on how to do things.


Excellent videos. My great find of the day. Thanks for the very useful info.


I was anxiously getting ready to start hand-cutting dovetails on a couple of drawers and thought to search the web for a good (free) how-to video on this subject. I’ve hand-cut dovetails before but I wanted to improve my skills. These videos were the perfect find and now I’ve delayed my project just to watch more videos on! As for the quality of the videos, I can only echo the universal compliments of other commentators. What a treat to have these since the cable/satellite show by David Marks (“WoodWorks”) is gone now. Only a few woodworking shows remain on TV and there are none left that show *very fine* woodworking like these videos. Thank You WoodTrek!

Jonathan Jackson

Thank you very much for the videos. I am just getting into woodworking and need as much help as I can get. Thank you for putting energy into this free resource.

It is a refreshing change-of-pace to see this video on dovetailing. Many popular videos on dovetails emphasize speed, whether with hand-tools and traditional methods or with power-tools and jigs. They seek to amaze, bewilder, impress to sell us something.

By contrast, this is an instructional video with focus on precision and care. It provides a realistic method and pace without the sense of competitive racing that seems to amaze tyros. It is much closer to the way my father taught me to dovetail when I was young, so in addition to the relaxing tempo, it brings back warm memories.

Further, if a person really wants to learn dovetailing he need do only two things: 1- learn a method and 2- practice.

This method works well for experts seeking precision over speed, and works for beginners who need some extra security. All you need are the tools, some time and practice.

Thanks to Craig and Keith for this welcome addition to the woodworking-video pantheon.

Ty Taubenheim

Just came across this site. Very glad I found it! Great video series on DTs… Really having trouble with DTs and this vid showed some different techniques I can try. “If you’re not winning the game, you need to change the way you’re playing.”


Dennis Toth

I have been working with wood for over 50 years, your work is very nice, clean crisp lines, very well done. All the best to you